Maximize your efficiency with connectivity, data management and security.

Creek Enterprise Inc. offers a wide variety of Infrastructure services. Below are a few of the services we offer our clients.

Cloud and Midrange System Administration

Trust our technical experts to maintain your cloud and midrange environments using our Zero Incident program which maximizes uptime of your computing resources. Our design, implement and sustain services ensure your resources are Built-to-run and optimized to perform.

WAN & LAN Network

A stable, robust, and capable network is critical in this digital enterprise world we live in today. Access to resources and information from everywhere is a requirement which all companies must delivery. Our network services portfolio is aligned to help clients assess, implement, and maintain diverse network solutions. We specialize in all major networking components, management tools, and telecom providers.

Wireless Network

A critical foundation to the digital enterprise is a comprehensive wireless network designed to enhance the employee and customer experience. As an Aruba partner, our team is positioned to engineer, deploy, and maintain your wireless capability.

More Infrastructure Services

Database Administration

Maintaining your data in an organized, secure, and available database is the critical layer in the digital enterprise eco-system. Our specialized team performs database planning, installation, configuration, design, migration, performance monitoring, security, as well as backup and data recovery services for IBM, Oracle, and MS SQL products.

Data Protection / Security

Security and Data Protection is required by all companies to protect their intellectual property and sensitive data from unauthorized users. Your data protection plan must comprehend all threats, vulnerabilities, and intrusions. In addition to security being comprehended in all our services, we assist clients with the creation of their data protection design, implementation approach, risk mitigation, and operational activities.

Workplace Management

Attracting, satisfying, and retaining best in class employees requires a workplace which enhances the employee experience by providing safe and easy access to their information needs. We help clients modernize their workplace to meet the demands of the information now world we live in today.

Storage Management

As we advance into the digital enterprise, information storage is exploding at an alarming rate. To address this situation, clients are constantly expanding their storage capacity, which becomes very expensive. Our Storage Management Team delivers services which reduces storage costs, improves security, and increases the capabilities of your storage solution.

Other Services


Delivering the content required by your customers and employees is critical in today’s digital enterprise. Our Application services drive business outcomes with a focus on bottom line enterprise value.


Creek Enterprise Inc. offers a wide variety of Engineering services. Below is just a highlight of what we offer our clients. Contact us today for more information.


Creek Enterprise Inc. can perform all aspects of outside plant construction. Below is just a small sample of the services that we offer. Contact us today to discuss a plan that will suit your needs.