Top Cloud Storage Applications in 2017

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The Top Cloud Storage Services for Business

Cloud storage is one of the hottest topics in technology right now. Whether you need to save or your personal photos to share with family members or work collaboratively with colleagues in spreadsheets across the world, it can all be done with cloud storage. Some tech firms have even made cloud storage a key part of their core offering, with both Apple and Microsoft making huge investments in the technology. However, it can be quite difficult to understand where’s the best place to get cloud storage from. With so many suppliers seeming to offer pretty much the same product, it can sometimes be hard to identify the right one for you. Below we’ve covered some of the biggest players in the market and why you should consider signing up to set up cloud storage for your business.

DropBox For Business

When many people think of cloud storage, they think of DropBox. It’s a great service that anyone can really easily get to grips with. By downloading the software to all of your devices, you can share all of your documents straight from your laptop to your tablet in seconds without any fiddly USB sticks. This is great for businesses that require their employees to work across different devices and systems. You get 2GB for free when you first sign up, so you can see if it’s as handy as it seems, but you can also pay for extra storage up to 1TB! If you do choose to upgrade, they offer a 14 day money back guarantee, so there’s really very little risk. For small to medium business that currently do not have shared drives to share documents between offices, this is a perfect option to trial cloud storage and see what efficiencies you can benefit from.

If security is of utmost importance to you, then will definitely have something to offer you. They claim that even employees cannot access your information, which is perfect if you plan on saving very sensitive commercial information on the cloud. It’s a shame that the increase security and encryption slows down file transfers though. They also offer 5GB of storage for free when you sign up, which is better than many of their competitors. You can also upgrade to extra storage for less than a $5, which is great for businesses of any size. However, it’s mobile application does not facilitate file sharing, meaning that you cannot upload files from your device, only download. This will cause issues if some of your employees create documents and content on tablets.


Egnyte was specifically made for businesses, which means that it’s great for use in high volumes. You can tell that it’s definitely made for larger organisations, with a minimum of five-users allowed and priced slightly higher than their competitors which might put smaller businesses off. That being said, Egnyte is great if you want peace of mind when storing confidential information on the service, with great security measures and effective encryption. You can also introduce user permissions, so that only employees with the required clearance can access certain documents. This service is also developed for mobile devices from the ground up, so if you’re an technologically advanced business that uses devices in all shapes and forms, then this should be a cloud storage service that you consider. However, you should be aware that there’s a 5GB file transfer cap, which might cause an issue if you need to store large files on the network.


If the main desire to introduce cloud storage is to facilitate collaborative working across your organisation, then SugarSync does this perfectly. With superior file transfer speeds, you can work on any document and have it synced to any device almost instantly. It allows an unlimited amount of devices connected to it, so it’s perfect if you’re planning a full scale roll out across your organisation. You can also back it up to prevent the loss of any data stored on SugarSync. However, it does seems to slow down at peak periods, which can occasionally cause an issue. Unlike, it doesn’t promote the fact that employees cannot access your account, which might mean that you make an effort to not store documents that are too commercially sensitive on the cloud storage to prevent any of them getting leaked. All in all though, this is still one of the strongest offerings on the market.